Jolie Carlo Pignatelli Short Dresses Pink sQx0n5A

Jolie Carlo Pignatelli Short Dresses Pink sQx0n5A
satin, basic solid colour, deep neckline, sleeveless, bow detailing, contrasting applications, no pockets, lined interior, rear closure, zip closure, tube dress. 100% Polyester
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UC Riverside

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05 Jul
NSF funded research for developing energy saving techniques in heterogeneous data centers

Professor Daniel Wong (PI) and Distinguished Professor Laxmi Bhuyan (Co-PI)received a three-year $500K grant (CCF-1815643) from the National Science Foundation for developing new evaluation methodology to qua

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02 Jul
ECE PhD Student Niluthpol Chowdhury Mithun wins Best Paper Award at ICMR 2018

ECE PhD student UGG Womens Classic Short Waterproof Suede And Sheepskin Booties Chestnut 4KD6oEL
is the first author of the

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about Niluthpol Chowdhury Mithun »
30 May
Two DURIP Awards for Research in Robotics and Machine Intelligence

UCR and BCOE have been awarded with two equipment grants from ARO and ONR led by faculty in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Read More about Amit Roy Chowdhury and Kostas Karydis »
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A Talk by Professor Xianfan Xu from Purdue University
June 04, 2018 11:10 am
WCH 205/206

Nano-Optics for Highly Localized EM Fields and Some Applications

A Talk by Professor John Raquet from the Air Force Institute for Technology
May 21, 2018 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall 205/206

UAVs vs. Natural Autonomous Vehicles (NAVs) -- Are We Closing the Gap?

Clu Short Dresses Deep Purple y2GYZPi
May 07, 2018 11:10 am
Winston Chung Hall 205/206

Sparse Sampling for Active Learning of Multi-Source and Multi-Modal Environments

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Ranked by National Research Council Average of S-Rank Range
Deparment Faculty
Research Expenditures in 2016/17

900 University Ave. Riverside, CA 92521

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Sugarbomb by Oliminor

(Source: )

If you read my journals regularly you will probably know that my small town has an awful lot of drama in it, and that a fair amount of it revolves around townies and their bratty snowflake\millennial kids who moved here over the last few years, and whom can’t seem to grasp the idea that we see the world very differently form the way that they see it.But, while it is true that said townies and their kids are humongous pain in the rear end it wouldn’t be fair to say that they were the main source of drama in town.It’s sad – but also true – but a lot of the drama that I see on a daily basis comes from locals, and most of it comes from the fact that I live in a small isolated town populated by small minded and insular people.On of the things that illustrates this best is the fact that we constantly experience what are probably best described as being “app flaps”.Or, to be more precise, sudden moral panics over mobile phone apps which are either supposedly being used for nefarious purposes by bad actors, or were where designed with from the ground up with nefarious purposes in mind.Most are little more than overreactions to urban legends or fake memes and they tend to blow over quickly. But the fact that the same themes keep appearing over and over again in new packaging speaks volumes about where I live and the attitudes of the people whom I share my space with. It also well and truly establishes the fact that most people here have little or no idea how technology like phones and apps is used or how it does the things that it does.Generally speaking, most of these flaps start with some kind of missive being passed around. It might be a warning notice from the sheriff or letter being sent out by the principal. Or it might something that’s raised at a parent teacher association meeting or a town hall assembly.Typically, somebody has heard from a friend of a friend, or has read on some internet forum somewhere, that a particular phone app is dangerous in some way, and people should avoid it. Particularly children. There is generally some kind of moral outrage attached to it that seems plausible at first glance, but and when you look into it you find that it’s either based on misinterpretation or on things that can easily be debunked.Although these flaps come in all shapes and sizes, they tend to come in several distinct flavors.A favorite is a rumor that a real app that is supposedly being misused in some way. I’ve lost track of the number of times a memo has been handed out to parents telling them that a criminal gang has been randomly contacting children over apps like Facebook messenger or Instagram in which the gang supposedly engages children in conversation, pretending to be another child, and then offers them money in the form of iTunes vouchers or similar in order to perform innocuous tasks such as taking a picture of local stores or of something in their school.The memo generally ends up with the gang either asking for indecent pictures in exchange for large quantities of money, by which time the gang now has enough information from the pictures that the child has taken to figure out who they are and where they live. So that they can either blackmail them or kidnap them.Another favorite is that a popular phone app is actually a booby-trap of some kind. Created to snare unsuspecting users.A year or so back the sheriff put out a warning that the Talking Tomcat app was secretly owned by a child abduction gang, and that every time you used it, it would take a picture of you and send it to the gang, and if they liked what they saw they’d activate a backdoor in the app that would allow them to take control of Tom. At which time they’d tell you that you’d been selected to try a special version of the app with an advanced AI built in that made it seem like you were talking to a real person.The warning held that the gang would try to befriend whoever used it, while pretending to be a chat bot, and that they would either entice people to send them in indecent photographs, or would lure them somewhere so that they could be abducted.If you think that you can spot a theme, you’d be correct.In almost all cases the apps are supposed to be being used to set people up to take naked pictures of themselves or to be abducted. In some cases the pictures are of other people, or the person who is being abducted will be a friend that the app user is supposedly tricked into nominating for abduction.While it’s not unheard of for people to be lured into doing things by somebody over a chat app, what makes most of these cases particularly stupid is that they contain details that should flag them as being hoaxes or urban legends. But which the people of my town – whom still act as if the Vietnam war is going on – aren’t sophisticated enough to see through.The flaps are peppered with all sorts of ridiculous details. Like fake version of real apps coming pre-installed on phones from big name stores or even from the network providers themselves (most of which seem to be secretly owned by the Clintons). Or apps being downloaded from secret areas on app stores that can only be accessed through an invitation sent out by whatever gang (AKA the Clintons) is supposed to be behind them.You’d be amazed at how many of the flaps start with a memo saying some variation on “If you or your child receive an email offering a link to a members only area of … app store” or “access to secret areas on … app”. Or “offering a code to unlock secret features in … app”.In some cases the claims being made are downright ridiculous.I think that I must have seen at least 10 messages warning about a “Private members only” areas on Club Penguin that came out after Club Penguin was shut down.We even had one in which Facebook had supposedly created a subliminal messaging system in order to make people addicted to their app, but a rogue programmer had supposedly stolen the code and created a game called Cookie Crusher that could only be downloaded from a certain link to a secret area of the iTunes app store, and it that forced users to play it constantly. Users would get more and more addicted, and would start having physical withdrawal symptoms if they didn’t complete a new level every day. The game was supposed to be easy at first but would eventually get to a level that was impossible to complete. The users would become so desperate that they would click on a “cheat link” which would ask them to take a picture of something and would then let them complete the level. This would go on in a cycle. A few easy levels, and then an impossible level which you could only complete by taking a picture to “cheat”.By now, you’ve probably guessed that the pictures would start of being innocuous. Like taking a picture of a cat or a dog, and by the time the user was totally addicted it would become something perverted.Apparently, both Apple and Google are fully aware of what is going on, but either choose to look the other way in exchange for kickbacks or political favors (You just know that there’s going to be a Clinton involved in this somewhere), or they are the source of the compromised apps themselves because they are part of some secret society or secret government program.While this might seem quite funny, it is an absolute pain in the neck for those of us who understand that 99% of these things are hoaxes or creepypasta, as we’re repeatedly subjected to them, and to the precautions that well meaning individuals such as the sheriff and the school principal have tried to put in to protect everyone. Particularly as most of them involve searching phones.I’ve lost count of the number of times that a teacher has demanded to see my phone to check if I have a non-existent apps installed, or that I’ve had to explain that I have a Windows phone, which means that I can’t access iTunes or the Google store. Or even that the security app that they want me to sideload from a .RU web domain is most probably malware of some kind that they’re being tricked into installing.A friend of mine even went so far as to write a custom launcher that would make it look like his phone was almost completely empty. Whenever somebody wanted to search his phone that’d see that he had an address book and a web browser and little else. Which was a lot easier than trying to explain what each of the apps on his phone actually did to people who didn’t understand what they were.In the end I used a registry hack to change the swipe actions on my phone which essentially blocked anybody from accessing any apps that weren’t on my home screen. I just told them that they couldn’t see anything because I didn’t have anything installed. Which is one of the many advantages of having an obscure OS on your phone that nobody in town knows enough about to question (Windows 10 mobile is the Princess Luna of phone OS. She’s 100% awesome and 100% under-appreciated).

(Source: Pedro Garcia Womens Cristina Trainer Sneaker FhUhX9L

Photo Versace Knee Length Dresses Turquoise MySvWZjk6
Via Hoofclid and friends

hoofclid :

There’s a sign below saying“Do Not Disturb (unless you need me to be awesome or heroic. Or awesomely heroic).”

Governor Sergio Fajardo #HeforShe

Arunachalam Muruganantham invented a machine to make low-cost sanitary towels, refusing enormous quantities of money to sell the patent for the machine to any commercial company. The path he took was hard. Through the long years of hard work, he nearly lost his wife and mother who found his deep interest in women’s anatomy unnatural. He was publicly ostracized, and was on the verge of being kicked out of his own village. He risked everything he had to not only improve women’s health, but also went one step further to promote women’s ability to pull themselves out of poverty. He wanted to see women being self-sufficient and started selling handoperated machines to women-managed self-help groups who now work as manufacturers, advertisers, sellers and customers. Muruganantham is a CeCe Stephanie Crinkle Knit Faux Wrap Dress Coral Bloom Orange DCXfpVmynT

Henri Lloyd Farraha Dress Blue XaCcap

India’s Rafiq Pathan stands at the forefront of efforts to end discrimination towards girls, and symbolically plants a fruit tree every time a girl is born. He treads on the difficult path where few men have gone before, undertaking grass-roots advocacy to change the hearts and minds of parents, many of whom value boys more than girls. He marries activism for gender equality with environmental protection, and uses his influence as the village council leader to support girl children. Rafiq Pathan is a Saks Fifth Avenue Point Toe Studded Pumps Nude 6T0kd62wPd

Karl Lagerfeld Floral Embossed Crossbody Bag Black hXeTfA

She is as passionate about gender equality as she is about her music. Mexican-born jazz singer, Magos Herrera , has taken the Latin American jazz scene by storm and was in 2009 nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Jazz Vocal Album. She was nominated three times for the prestigious award which recognizes the best performance nationally each year, determined by public votes, as well as stalwarts in the arts and entertainment industry. She can also boast the #1 album, , in the popular iTunes jazz category. A powerful advocate for women’s rights, she is a spokesperson for the United Nations Secretary-General’s UNiTE campaign to end violence against women.

A digital expert and a gender activist, Dhruv Arora , 25, is passionate about both these dimensions of his work and is widely known in New Delhi, India, as the man galvanizing action through an online movement on gender issues. He is one of the creators behind Salvatore Ferragamo Classic Pumps Black F7Zid8d3j
and #itsnotyourfault, an online movement that he built with his friend Kuber. The platforms provide an outlet for people experiencing street harassment, and advances debate on the multiple issues involved. Dhruv Arora is a Jimmy Choo Temple Glitter Embellished Satin Heels Black bMf1wyd

Betsey Johnson Womens Alliie Platform Dress Sandal Black RuFLhWa0L

Carlos Andrés Gómez is an award-winning poet, actor, and author of ‘Man Up – Reimagining Modern Manhood.’ His work urges audiences to rethink the way they interact with women, deal with violence, handle fear, and express emotion. Carlos is a #heforshe advocate.

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